VisionADC (Automated Data Capture) is a tool that enables data to be recorded continuously, periodically or on demand, from machines and equipment in use in food factories.

Typically, it utilises “standard” Open Platform Communications (OPC) drivers developed and made available by KepWare, ensuring compatibility with more than 150 different device drivers used by the majority of hardware manufacturers. However, interfaces to equipment without OPC drivers is often possible too. VisionADC is our OPC Client & MES tool.

Using OPC drivers means the desired machine performance data tags can be easily identified, and a simple interface is required to apply business logic (smoothing, frequency etc) to the data tags being read.

Data collection can be driven by each production job (incorporating all production process and recipe data), or routine audit job as appropriate. All results are collected against monitoring points configured in VisionADC, which are Integrated with specific checks and tolerances set up in VisionProcess.

Many types of automatic data can be collected, for example:

Oven temperature readings

Freezer and chiller temperature readings

Weighscale & checkweigher readings

End of line counting equipment

Flow meters

Machine in use / downtime etc

Industrial connectivity can be achieved using physical cabling, with secure collection and aggregation of operational data, and also via the Cloud, utilising the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).