The VisionADC module is used for automated data collection and forms part of the Vision For Food manufacturing execution system (MES). Where VisionTouch is used by human operators to collect shop floor data, VisionADC leverages Open Platform Communications (OPC) technology to communicate with more than 150 different device drivers which are used by most equipment manufacturers. As a result, data can be automatically collected from sources such as scales, depositors, probes, sensors, PLCs, and other equipment.

Industrial connectivity can be achieved using physical cabling, with secure collection and aggregation of operational data, and also by utilising the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Many types of automatic data can be collected, for example:

Using part batches and multiple batches on input

Adding to output batches previously produced

Transferring jobs across production lines

Transforming batches

Adding concessions, adjusting batch quantities and wasting batches with reason codes

Stock taking

Recording any necessary corrective actions

Reviewing results and adhoc retesting