For a Paper-Free Food Factory: Vision For Food Works Just Like You Want IT To!

In The Factory


Vision For Food delivers what the food industry has been seeking for more than a decade: a way to replace existing paper based systems in the factory, and to provide management with the visibility it needs for optimum control over all Operational and Technical processes, as they occur.

Vision For Food is a standard, yet immensely flexible software & hardware solution. Your production recipes can be mapped to your manufacturing processes and then interfaced with the production plan. As a result, work is pushed to all relevant departments, and data is collected using fixed browser terminals (up to IP69K), Windows or Android tablets & interfaces to machines &/or databases.

Checks for each works order can be completed, in-process, as your products are manufactured. The recording of all manufacturing stages, material usage & technical data now immediately resides in a Microsoft SQL Server database instead of forests of paper records, and all of this data becomes instantly available to inform and alert management. The recorded data can also be reported on and trended. You have complete access to your own data, so almost any view of that data can be presented according to what is important to your management team. In this way business performance can be analysed and improved as a result, continuously over time.

Traceability becomes automated and instantaneous, as each batch being used is scanned or selected from a validated list. The quantities of each ingredient or WIP batch consumed, are either read directly from scales or entered by your operators. The production recipe input amounts and tolerances are visible to your operators, having been automatically adjusted for the required production volumes. The system can generate new batch numbers for each WIP and finished product being manufactured and it can print the corresponding labels with barcodes as appropriate. In addition, the system has a stocktake function, as well as the capability to manage the transfer or transformation of batches.

The system works where you want it to across all the operational departments from goods in to despatch, any everywhere in between. It also provides comprehensive paperless recording for the routine technical functions as well as the QA and QC checks in production, as required.

The applications utilise the touchscreen technology that we have all become familiar with, and Vision For Food is therefore really easy to use and operator friendly.

It also is designed to plug into your existing systems where advantageous to do so, thereby connecting your decision support information & uniquely enhancing your investment in technology elsewhere. It really works, just like you want IT to!

In The Office


As well as end to end traceability, alerts, reports & analysis for production & technical management, there is also real time control for Development with NPD Formulations & Specification Management:

Vision For Food has a powerful secure portal for suppliers to complete & sign off raw material specifications. this provides a freely collaborative environment as all the supplier needs to interact fully with the system, is Internet & email.

New recipes & new versions of existing products for all product groups can be created from scratch or from the material specifications where nutritional, allergen, additive, declarations etc are automatically calculated & rolled up. Yields & cost can be applied & user definable stage gates manage the internal completion & sign off of full product specifications.

Material specs are accurate & consistent & the speed to revenue for new products can be significantly improved.

In Summary

Addressing all the key drivers of the food industry, only Vision For Food provides a comprehensive paperless solution for food manufacturers. Encompassing Production, Technical & Development. It is unique, flexible & one size really can fit all!

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Improved Variances

Increased Material & Production Yields

Reduced Waste & Giveaway

Instant End To End Batch Traceability

Better Accuracy: Fewer Shorts and Overs

Quality Control: Adherence to Spec & Complaince

Immediate OEE Data

Improved NPD Performance, Recipe Development & Spec Management

Interfaces to Existing Systems: ERP, Planning, SCADA, Scales, etc
Total Operation Visibility & Control + Competitive Advantage + Better Customer Service + Major Bottom Line Improvement