For a Paper-Free Food Factory: Vision For Food Works Just Like You Want IT To!

In The Factory


Vision For Food delivers what the food industry has been seeking for more than a decade: a way to illuminate the information 'black hole' so often describes the factory via a flexible software & hardware solution that is operator friendly, & provides immediate visibility across processes with better control over production & end to end traceability.

Using fixed browser terminals (up to IP69K), mobile computers, Android tablets & interfaces to machines &/or databases to collect manufacturing process & technical data instead of forests of paper records, all of the data becomes immediately available to alert management & be analysed (& acted upon) to improve performance.

The system is operator friendly & designed to plug into your existing systems where advantageous to do so, thereby connecting your decision support information & uniquely enhancing your investment in technology elsewhere. It really works!

In The Office


As well as alerts, reports & analysis for production & technical management, there is also real time control for Development with NPD Formulations & Specification Management:

Vision For Food has a powerful secure portal for suppliers to complete & sign off raw material specifications. this provides a freely collaborative environment as all the supplier needs to interact fully with the system, is Internet & email.

New recipes & new versions of existing products for all product groups can be created from scratch or from the material specifications where nutritional, allergen, additive, declarations etc are automatically calculated & rolled up. Yields & cost can be applied & user definable stage gates manage the internal completion & sign off of full product specifications.

Material specs are accurate & consistent & the speed to revenue for new products can be significantly improved.

In Summary

Addressing all the key drivers of the food industry, only Vision For Food provides a comprehensive paperless solution for food manufacturers. Encompassing Production, Technical & Development. It is unique, flexible & one size really can fit all!

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A Simple Formulation

Improved Variances

Increased Material & Production Yields

Reduced Waste & Giveaway

Instant End To End Batch Traceability

Better Accuracy: Fewer Shorts and Overs

Quality Control: Adherence to Spec & Complaince

Immediate OEE Data

Improved NPD Performance, Recipe Development & Spec Management

Interfaces to Existing Systems: ERP, Planning, SCADA, Scales, etc
Total Operation Visibility & Control + Competitive Advantage + Better Customer Service + Major Bottom Line Improvement